Local Stores Closing in SF, Redwood City & More

Harlem Gentrification Angers Some Local Residents

Local stores are what make people come together, it creates an identity for the community. Some store owners simply want to retire and have sold their properties. In April, San Francisco favorite Lucca Ravioli closed after the owners decided to sell the building. Su Hong restaurants in Palo Alto and Menlo Park has also advised it's customers that it will be closing September 28 due to retirement.

Other local stores in the Bay Area are not closing for the same reason. Many businesses have been getting hit with rising rent and gentrification. Many people who grew up in the areas have raised their voice and are upset about all their favorite local shops closing.

Recently, a Peninsula favorite, Yummi Yogurt in Redwood City has closed it's doors, September 15, but will remain their San Mateo location open. Woodside Deli, another Redwood City favorite, will be closed some time in October. Woodside Deli wrote to their community saying

Our current lease is up as of September 30, 2019, and the landlord has proposed a 52% increase moving forward.


In the East Bay, after fourteen years of service, Jayakarta restaurant is now closed because of high rent.

Will cities create rent control to save their local shops or will they continue to gentrify their areas?


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