Help Fulfill The George Mark Children's House Candy Cane Lane Wish List!

WiLD 94.9 & The JV Show are teaming up to help George Mark Children’s House!

George Mark Children’s House does amazing work including helping to provide medical care and psychological support for children facing life limiting illnesses, and it’s all at no cost to the families.

To try and make the holidays and Christmas time a little better for these special kids, we’d like to ask you help fulfill their Candy Cane Lane Holiday Wish List. They need toys and gifts for kids of all ages, and you can find that wish list HERE and from the button below:

Donation details:

George Mark Children’s House, located in San Leandro, CA, provides life enriching care & family support for children with life-limiting illnesses. For the safety of the children, all donations must be brand new and unwrapped! For any questions and/or clarifications on making a donation, please contact Kyle Amsler, Child Life Coordinator, at or (510) 346-1280. Learn more about George Mark at

Thank you in advance for helping make the holidays a little bit better for the kids @ George Mark Children’s House.

More Info About George Mark Children’s House (GMCH) From Their Site:

GMCH is the first facility of its kind in the country. We bridge the gap between hospital and home, offering safe, excellent medical care in the comfort and warmth of our beautiful home-like setting. Our goals are to provide the medical care and psychosocial support needed to enable children facing life-limiting illnesses to live their lives to the fullest and to empower families to successfully manage this profound challenge. GMCH serves medically eligible children, ages 0-22, and those up to age 25 on a case-by-case basis. Patients are served at no cost to their families.

We provide the following types of care to children and families:

  • Respite Care – For parents and primary caregivers of children with serious illness, GMCH provides a safe, nurturing place for them to bring their child for short-term care. By providing caregivers with temporary respite, GMCH supports the health of the primary caregiver as well as the well-being of the entire family.

  • Transitional Care - To equip families and caregivers with the skills they need to effectively manage their child’s long-term medical care needs after discharge from an acute care hospital stay; children and their families are admitted to GMCH for transitional care. The child receives needed medical care and psychosocial support, while caregivers are educated to recognize and respond to health needs as they arise. Our staff also works with families to help them understand how to operate special equipment and provide needed treatments at home.

  • End of Life Care and Support – For children nearing the end of life, GMCH provides palliative care to minimize their pain and provides their families and loved ones with emotional, spiritual and practical support during a challenging time.

  • Bereavement Support - Recognizing that families grieving the death of a child benefit from receiving long-term support, GMCH offers a Bereavement Program for all families that have ever received services at GMCH. By offering families long-term and multi-faceted emotional and practical support prior to and following the death of their child, GMCH encourages family members to recognize the normalcy of their feelings, to grieve in ways that are personally healing, and to move ahead with their lives by integrating the loss of a child in a way that supports the family and honors the memory of the child. 

  • Perinatal Counseling – Added in 2016, and complementing our four core programs above, Perinatal Counseling provides expertise, resources, support and information for women with at-risk preterm births about the prognosis and prospective complications, thus establishing continuity of care for infants and parents.

By taking a unique approach to pediatric hospice and palliative care, GMCH promotes greater health, well-being and quality of life for both the child and family, for as long as possible, and often well beyond the generally accepted prognosis. This integrated and holistic approach brings medical and psychosocial care to families during an incredibly challenging time of their lives and results in exceptional patient and family health and quality of life outcomes. 

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