San Francisco Celebrates Year Of The Tiger With 6 Tiger Art Displays

San Francisco Welcomes In Chinese New Year

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The lunar new year is almost here! February 1 will be the start of the Year of the Tiger. To celebrate, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco has put together six life-sized tigers displayed around San Francisco. The tiger statues will be up from January 17 to February 19.

Each tiger spotlights local artists and reflects the culture and traditions of the Lunar New Year.

  • Alaska Airlines Tiger: TheVoyager blurs the relationship between nature and machines. The design features plum blossoms and bamboo, expressed in the traditional Chinese ink painting style. The bamboo symbolizes longevity and peace while the plum blossoms, which are the first to bloom in the season, not only symbolize bravery and hope but the five petals represent peace, happiness, smoothness, longevity, and luck. The clouds on the back and legs of the tiger signify good omens. The printed circuit boards connect the natural meridians and blood vessels that form the main part of the tiger’s body to represent travel and connection. The two large “chips” located in the heart and abdomen suggest the love of family.
  • AARP Tiger: Posterity is a smiling tigress, with the word “shou” on her head, which means longevity. The ears and eyes are cut with two longevity peaches to represent health and happiness. The zigzag pattern along her back represents a happy family reunion, the homophony of the word together. There is a little tiger on the tigress’ belly, and a little tiger on the other side, because a tiger has two children in her lifetime, which signifies someone will succeed. Sunflowers on the chest represent hope and a bright future. The life peach on the inside of the tiger’s leg means that everyone in the family is healthy and long-lived!
  • Whole Foods Tiger: TheHorizon Tiger looks forth calm and confident. Its color is radiant from a warm, sunny glow in the head, to the calming blue towards its feet sends the message of springtime – light, beauty, harmony, and rebirth. The clear water is alive with goldfish and lotus flowers, both symbols of good luck and abundance in the Chinese tradition. The schools of fish also represent community and family. The tiger legs are decorated in the graphic depiction of waves found in both traditional and contemporary Chinese art and decor, signifying waves of prosperity.
  • Chase Center Tiger: Good Fortune Tiger features the Bay bridge to represent and celebrate the Asian-American community in and around the Bay Area, and the many traditions and festivities surrounding this important holiday. The Chinese-style clouds express good fortune, happiness and are harbingers of peace. Fireworks on the legs and the tiger’s forehead ward off evil spirits and signify celebration and festivity. The Chinese calligraphy wishes you Good Luck and best wishes in 2022!
  • Lucky Tiger: TheHarvester brings good luck and abundance to all who greet her. The design features the plum tree, a symbol of perseverance, strength, and bravery for the year of the Tiger. The tree is shown bearing auspicious “fruit.” The golden ingot (yuan bao) and dumplings represent wealth, the fish represents abundance and prosperity, and candies represent wishes for a rich and sweet life. The depiction of a fruitful plum tree represents new hope and endless possibilities. In the new year, the water tiger will bring plenty of rainfall to California to grow sufficient foods for everyone.
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Tiger: In Chinese culture, the tiger is the symbol of courage, strength, and bravery. TheWealth and Healthtiger is red, a powerful color befitting the tiger, representing good fortune and joy. Gold represents wealth and prosperity. The tiger’s stripes are painted in the style of Chinese calligraphy, paying homage to the ancient art. “Happy New Year” is written across the tiger’s body and the symbol for double happiness is on the tiger’s head. The Chinese characters are carefully positioned on the tiger to emulate the unique characteristic markings of real tigers. The tiger’s stripes also flow like water representing 2022, the year of the water tiger. The year itself winds like a river around the tiger’s paws creating its toes. 

See the map and get more information about the artist behind these amazing displays here.

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