Kehlani Fans Are Doing Whatever It Takes To Secure Their Tour Tickets

Photo: Getty Images

She is back ya'll!

On Thursday, Kehlani teased that she's going on tour and urged "reaaaal fans" to text (510) 692-4419 to get early access to tickets!

The 'up at night' singer had fans hyped after the big announcement, so hyped - they're doing whatever it takes to secure their tickets! One fan asked Kehlani to delete the number now that real fans have seen it. Another fan joked that the presale is actually canceled to deter people from buying tickets. @tsunamigrandes on Twitter also threatened several fan pages not to post the presale code, saying "if y’all tweet that code??? count yo mf days!!!"

The official tour announcement is happening Monday! Fans with the presale code will be able to get their tickets on Tuesday, while the public on sale begins Friday.

Shout out to everyone manifesting their tickets! Kehlani live is AMAZING and we hope you are able to experience it! Good luck y'all!

Listen to Kehlani's new album 'blue water road' now!

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