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Bay Area Teen's Song Raises Money in Fight Against Pediatric Brain Cancer

17-year-old Anna Harrell, a singer-songwriter from Mill Valley released a new original song called "Nightlight" to raise funds for the fight against childhood brain cancer. All proceeds from the song will benefit the PNOC Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing research and clinical trials for childhood brain cancer.

Bandcamp Link to song:

Brain Tumor Awareness Month and the 10th anniversary of the PNOC Foundation is the inspiration for the release of "Nightlight." Anna was moved to write the song after her friend's family founded the  Pacific Pediatric Neuro-oncology Consortium (PNOC)  in honor of their son, who was successfully treated for brain cancer

Bananas at Large, a heritage music store in Marin County, has partnered with the PNOC Foundation to promote "Nightlight" to its followers and encourage customers to make donations of any size.

The PNOC Foundation raises funds to support a team of leading children's hospitals, researchers, scientists, and physicians dedicated to finding treatments and breakthroughs for pediatric brain cancer, which is the deadliest childhood cancer.

Over the past decade, PNOC has brought together over 250 pediatric brain tumor specialists, started 30 clinical trials, enrolled over 750 patients, and funded the research and development of 40 research manuscripts.

Jim Greer, the producer of "Nightlight" and a parent who lost a child to cancer, says  Anna has a,  "keen ability to find the beauty in small things."

Bruce Campbell, co-founder of the PNOC Foundation, expresses gratitude for Anna's contribution to the cause. He shares that the foundation was established after their son was diagnosed with a deadly form of brain cancer in 2010. They felt a calling to create a foundation to support the leading pediatric consortium of doctors and researchers in the world to one day find cures and not lose another child to brain cancer. Without the generous support of donors and supporters, the research of the PNOC consortium of doctors would not be possible.

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