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BART's New Schedule and a Comittmnet to Safety and Security

BART is calling thier new schedule a "Reimaging" as of Monday, September 11th, Bay Area Rapid Transit will be offering "a reimagined service plan with major improvements to nights and weekends."

From YouTube:

Highlights of the new schedule:

Eliminates 30-minute wait times on nights and weekends.

50% increase in evening service seven days a week.

Service on BART’s busiest weekday line, the Yellow Line, increases from trains every 15 minutes to every 10 minutes from Pittsburg/Bay Point.

Reduced wait times thanks to new scheduled transfers.

New schedule improves reliability and better serves SFO and OAK airports!

You can learn more at and plan your trip at

New Fare Gates, a comittment to safety and security, check out BART's new "Safe and Clean Plan"


As the Bay Area’s backbone public transit system, BART is rolling up its sleeves to make sure riders feel safe, to keep our trains cleaner than ever, and to provide the best service yet – from departure to destination.  

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