Taeyeon Releasing 2nd Full Album

If you're a Girls Generation fan, you definitely know Taeyeon.

After a couple of years, Taeyeon is getting ready to release a second full album "Purpose".


This past week we were given three different mini clips from three of her songs on the album. All the clips are artistic and each have a theme with the first clip being 'Gravity' where Taeyeon is seen playing with a solar system set. The second clip translates to HaHaHa and shows Taeyone holding what looks like a portrait and has editing that makes it look like an illusion. The third clip is exactly as it is titled, 'Wine', we can see Taeyeon in black and white and as soon as she drinks the wine we get color.

We are excited to see more clips and to listen to the full album which comes out October 28 at 6 o'clock Korean time. Check the mini clips below before the full videos come out!



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