Tiffany Young Kicking Off Magnetic Moon Tour In San Francisco

Earlier this year Tiffany Young did a small showcase tour and got back to work in the summer to give us her latest track "Run For Your Life".

The first stop of the Magnetic Moon tour will be here in her hometown of San Francisco! November will be very busy as she tours around the U.S. and Canada with her last date being in LA.


Of course with the show there's merch and we are loving everything available!

Tiffany said that this light stick is not her official light stick but it is the light that will be available for this specific tour. There's also limited collectible photo cards available, shirts, a sweater, and a cute pen to add to the list.


We can't wait to see her show as she's been working hard including choreography to her songs! Let's get ready for tonight and stream "Run For Your Life"!



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