Charlotte Lawrence Performs "Sleep Talk," Discusses First Time on Stage!

Charlotte Lawrence gave an exclusive acoustic performance of her song "Sleep Talk" live in the performance space at WiLD 94.9 in San Francisco!

On our original series "The Launch," Charlotte opened up about how she first got into music. 

I started singing when I was like five years old.

It was so weird because neither of my parents can sing. My grandparents can't sing, my brothers can't sing; I was like, the first Lawrence child to have a voice. It's obvious that she's always had a talent for music, but the impressive part is that you can't just chalk it up to her genes. It's all raw talent and training! 

Charlotte also went into detail about who she draws her artistic inspiration from. Speaking on her current influences, should couldn't help but mention Phoebe Bridgers saying of her...

She has the most insane voice and writes the craziest lyrics. In a good way, of course! Charlotte believes that Phoebe will go down as one of this generations most influential artists. 

When asked for a "fun fact" about herself, Charlotte's eyes lit up. She took us through a grueling story of her slamming her pinky finger in not one, but TWO doors. 

It's crooked, because they couldn't fix the break while they were giving me stitches.  Honestly, the story is better in her words. To hear her full answers to these questions and more, check out our interview with Charlotte Lawrence below!

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