Alec Benjamin Speaks Mandarin in Interview, Performs "Let Me Down Slowly"

Alec Benjamin came by WiLD 94.9 to give an exclusive acoustic performance of his song "Let Me Down Slowly" and do an interview for our new series The Launch!

On our new series "The Launch," Alec Benjamin opened up about his life, his music, and more! 

The interview started off simple. We asked him for her musical influences. His answer was not exactly what we were expecting. 

Eminem, Paul Simon, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Chris Martin of Coldplay. When he said "Eminem" our ears perked up! He went on to explain what he admires most about these artists is the way they incorporate storytelling into their music. 

We then asked Alec for a "Fun Fact" about himself. Now, when we asked this question usually, we get answers about injuries or musical tastes. We were again caught off guard by his answer. 

I speak Chinese. My Chinese isn't great, but I know enough to get by. After probing a little we got him to recite some...

嗨,我是alec benjamin,我可以说普通话 (Hāi, wǒ shì alec benjamin, wǒ kěyǐ shuō pǔtōnghuà) Or "Hi, I'm Alec Benjamin and I can speak Mandarin."

Needless to say, we were pretty impressed. 

To see the full interview and check out the rest of Alec's answers, click the full interview video below!

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