DaniLeigh Talks Influences And Does A Dance Challenge!

The one and only DaniLeigh came by WiLD 949 to tell us a little about herself and possibly play a little game we came up with.

We started the interview off by asking her when she first started singing.

I started singing when I was like 10 or something... I always thought I wasn't a good singer so I would always just sing by myself

All it takes is a single listen to her songs "Lil Bebe" or "The Plan" to realize that this is not the case!

She then went on to talk about how she admires Drake for his business abilities and Rihanna for her talent in trend-setting. She also told us a really fun fact about herself!

For all those moments and more, check out the interview below!

Then came the special part! We know how talented of a dancer she is, but we had to know: could she dance to something unordinary? Like kid's songs?

Spoiler alert: she can.

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