Tiffany Young Talks Speaking in Korean When She's Anxious & More!

Tiffany Young has been singing practically all her life, but began singing professionally when she was 15 and later started her band "Girls Generation" at 17.

Her inspiration comes from artists like Annie Lennox, Madonna, Robyn and Gwen Stefani because "they're all bada*s females," she explains. Additionally, Tiffany Young would also love to collaborate with Janelle Monae.

"I'm still in love with Janelle Monae's 'Dirty Computer,' so I would love to rock out with Janelle Monae."

The "Lips on Lips" artist describes the stage as magical and expresses her gratitude for every opportunity she receives.

"It's where everything goes away and magic happens... I'm still happy to be on it every chance I get."

However, when she's anxious, she finds herself speaking in Korean and vise versa when she's in Korea!

So happy we got to catch up with Tiffany Young on this episode of the Launch. Check out the full video below!

See the video for Lips On Lips below!

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