Camila Cabello on Ripping Her Pants: 'I Feel Like That Spongebob Episode'

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello

You know what the mark of a true QUEEN is? When you rip your pants back stage as your about to perform in one of the most legendary venues in the country, and performing flawlessly like the absolute boss you are -- and it's a page right out of Camila Cabello's book.

Camila performed during this year's Z100's Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden to an arena full of Camilizers, but right before she sang and danced her heart out, she ripped her pants back stage.

But the ripped pants didn't stop her from doing her thing, and she even made light of the situation as she performed songs like "OMG," "Havana," and her new song "Never Be The Same" from her upcoming debut solo album Camila.

In fact, she compared herself to the world famous Spongebob episode where the yellow cartoon sponge rips his pants, and then sings a song about it. She said, "I just ripped my pants backstage and I feel like that Spongebob episode."

But, Camila followed the ripped pants story with overwhelming emotion just being on the stage at Madison Square Garden. She told the audience: 

"I'm singing new songs from my debut album here in Madison Square Garden! I just can't even believe that. And so, I see a lot of young ones in the crowd tonight, and I just wanted to say, I can't even believe the day that I've had today, and I'm telling you, if I can get from Havana, to Madison Square Garden to this stage right now, you guys can get anywhere, I promise you."

Despite the ripped pants situation, Camilizers took to social media to express their admiration for their Queen. Check out the best reactions below:

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