Spend Another Day In Paradise With Quinn XCII At WiLD 94.9 Jingle Ball

Quinn XCII (pronounced Quinn 92) is more than just a cool stage name, it's a reminder to follow your dreams. We sure are happy Quinn XCII decided to follow his dreams and we're even happier to announce him as one of our WiLD 94.9 Jingle Ball performers!

Born Mikael Temrowski, the name is an acronym the Detroit native created in college when he decided to pursue music full-time. Quinn stands for Quit Unless your Instincts are Never Neglected and XCII is 92 in roman numerals which represents 1992, the year he was born. The singer's instincts were dead on. Quinn XCII found a dedicated following through a Youtube channel that featured him rapping over beats other producers had uploaded on the site. After dropping some original music, he linked up with his childhood friend, producer Ayokay, and released two more EPs, Change of Scenery and Bloom. The duo also released the single "Kings of Summer" which went on to spend three consecutive weeks at #1 on Spotify's Global Viral Chart. With millions of streams to his name, Quinn XCII was signed to Columbia records and released two studio albums The Story of Us in 2017 and From Michigan With Love earlier this year.

Over time Quinn XCII's has shifted from rap to pop, but there are shades of all kinds of genres found in his music. He's stated that he's influenced by artists like Leon Bridges and Chance the Rapper (best heard on the track "Another Day in Paradise"), as well as events happening in his surrounding community and tv shows he's binging. "Straightjacket" is an EDM tinged pop track with a reggae sensibility and his feature on MAX's "Love Me Less" cruises down that exciting line between pop and trap music. His latest single "Stacy" is a tender indie pop track that tells the story of being strung along by a senior in high school.

We're so excited to hear all of these songs live at WiLD 94.9 Jingle Ball and with Quinn XCII's discography being a melting pot of genres, there's sure to be something for everyone.

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