The JV Show

Dude Gets Brutally Rejected After Asking a Chick to Prom
Travis Scott Refuses to Kiss Kylie Jenner on the NBA Jumbo Tron
Bruno Mars Throws his Sweaty Towel at a Fan on Her Phone
Cardi B Shows Ellen How She Got Pregnant
Here’s the Latest Chest Trend “Flower Boobs”
People Are Swooning Over Tristan Thompson’s Dad
Here’s a Dirt Cheap Flight if You’re Wiling to Squat on Your Seat
Cat Scares Man he Jumps on a Counter
Listen: Crystal Might Get Set Up on a Date with Her Cousin on...
Stormy Daniels Accuster Sketch Looks Oddly Familiar
Someone Found Kanye's "Original" Tattoo Online
Selena HATES When Crystal Does this with her Tongue on The @JV Show


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