Photos from Home!

Every week we bring you our photos from home. You decide who had the best.

JV: I try to show my goddaughters a good time on Saturday and ended up burning their fingers with fireworks!! BOTH of them got burnt but here is Belle's fingers. 

Selena: I stayed in almost the entire weekend so my daughter and I had a "girls night" 🤗 We painted each other's nails and she did my makeup. Here's the final product. Not AS BAD as I thought it would turn  out! 

Graham:It was so hot this weekend at our house that we decided to go buy our dog Hambone her own swimming pool.  She loved it so much we couldn't get her out of it.

Crystal: I went to a rooftop  pool party this weekend here in SF. I took my best friend Ari it was so much fun!



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