EXO - 'Sweet Lies' is a K-Pop Hidden Gem

K-Pop group EXO has had some big hits this year, with Ko Ko Bop and Power taking off across the world. However, there's another sleeper hit that perhaps didn't get the recognition it deserved.

Sweet Lies is considered to be a fan-favorite track, but it wasn't even included on the original release of The War, EXO's 4th studio album. It wasn't until the expanded re-release titled The War: The Power of Music that Sweet Lies made the cut. Despite a clip of it being used in a promo video for the album and teased at the end of the Power video, fans are disappointed that they still haven't seen an official video for the song. Maybe there's still time?

With a slow R&B vibe, amazing high notes, and lyrics written by the group's own Chanyeol, it's a mystery why Sweet Lies wasn't given more attention. But it's why we've made it a WiLD Music Discovery!

In the mean time, make sure to also check out the just-released video for EXO's Electric Kiss. 

Listen to the Sweet Lies below, and let us know what your favorite K-Pop songs are in the comments to be featured as a future Music Discovery!

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