Kim Petras - 'Heart to Break': A True Pop Bop for a New Generation

Kim Petras is bringing the heat this summer with her new soaring, slow-burn single "Can't Do Better", but let's take a look back at her fantastic pop bop from February: "Heart to Break." 

"Heart to Break" is a classic love song with all the markings of a signature pop song in the style of 80s hits by the likes of female icons like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. In the music video, Kim and her posse are serving all kinds of looks and dance moves with a fantastically fun aesthetic. 

The 25-year-old singer moved from Germany to LA to chase her dream of being a singer. Plus with a collaboration with Charli XCX under her belt and going on tour with Troye Sivan later this year, it seems like she's well on her way to stardom.

Also make sure to check out her new single "Can't Do Better," which just dropped today.

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