L.A. LeBron James Mural Defaced

This is why we can't have nice things! Last week an artist put up a mural of LeBron James in Venice wearing a Lakers jersey and declaring him "The King of LA"...well, over the weekend someone defaced it. Not only did they deface it BUT it looks like someone might of gotten paid to do it after a pissed off fan sent a tweet out offering a nice chunk of change for the defacement: 

I'm offering $300 to anyone who destroys this mural and shares a video. The mural is located at Baby Blues BBQ – 444 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 #Lakers #Kobe #Lebronpic.twitter.com/N1UhEHbnjL

— Lakers Fanbase (@BenOsaze) July 6, 2018

As you can see, the tweet was sent out on Friday...by Sunday, the job had been done! The person claiming they did the defacement filmed himself and was asking for the $300 that were promised by Ben. Head over to Uproxx to see screenshots of the now deleted Tweets.

Some of the things that were written across the mural include The words “we don’t want you” and “LEFRAUD”.  They also take a shot at LeBron's NBA Finals record with the "3-6" splattered right under his face! No worries though LeBron fans, the mural was cleaned up by Monday, except for the rephrasing of "The King of LA" which now just reads "King" 

Lesson, Don't Declare Kings to Laker fans!

Credit: Getty Images

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