Did You Fall For The $100 Chipotle Gift Card Scam?

As if not getting free guac on National Avocado Day was bad enough some very bad people took advantage of Chipotle’s server issue to scam people with a $100 Chipotle gift card. The digital scam offered Chipotle lovers a $100 gift card in exchange for sharing the link with four people. Many people fell for the scam and some even gave up their information when prompted. The artwork on the link had the Chipotle logo along with a picture of a burrito bowl so it was easy to fool people. 

According to the United States trade commission there are a bunch of ways to find if your being scammed or not.   Checking the format a website is one way to identify if a too-good-to-be-true offer is legit or not, in Chipotle’s case, their website is www.chipotle.com but the website of the scam was "https://chipotle.guacamole.cards/", it has since been taken down. Another way is to Google the item in question and add words like “scam”, “review” or “complaint” 

Did you fall for the $100 Chipotle gift card scam? What was the biggest scam you fell for?

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