Mike Posner Shares Travel Tips!

Mike Posner is no stranger to roughing it on the road! He loves to travel and was generous enough to share some of his travel tips with us!

He talks about some must-have items, including: an old fashioned tooth brush, wool socks, a jump-rope and even adds what he DOESN'T bring when he's on the road (you'll never guess)! Plus, he tells us the first and last things he does when he touches down in a new place... we can definitely relate! Hint: stay hydrated, folks!

Travel junkies! Mike Posner also shares his favorite place to travel - Varanasi, India. He explains how the city is so rich in history and has great energy because of that. Lastly, after years of traveling, Mike adds that traveling helps you grow, but is not necessary to write good music.

"...that doesn't mean you have to travel to write good music either, because life happens wherever you are."

Thanks for the tips, Mike! See the full video below.

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