Lauren Jauregui Talks About Her New Song "Expectations" & More!

Lauren Jauregui stopped by to talk about her solo career and new music coming up on our original series "The Launch"! 

Though she's still trying to figure out her sound, she describes her music as a mixture of alternative, R&B, and pop vibes.

"It's just kind of like a mezcla of everything I am, an exploration of everything that inspires me."

She talked about her writing process and explained that the highly anticipated "Expectations" was on of the easiest songs for her to record. She also added that a song called "The Co-Dependent Dance" has been a little tough to work with because she's still trying to tweak it and find the right microphone to capture her vision for the song.

"[Expectations] just like came out of me... I had a feeling, I went into the studio, I wrote it and it was done."

James Blake, Imogen Heap, Beyonce, Jack White and John Mayer are all artists she would love to work with! She also dreams of Pharrell making her a beat. 

In her free time, Lauren Jauregui shares that she loves to read! She uses reading as an escape to refocus and immerse herself in another world. Her current reading obsessions are "The Second Sex" by Simone de Beauvoir and "Women who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype" by Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

"That sh** is fire! You gotta read that if you're a girl!"

It is no secret that Lauren Jauregui is very active in the LGBTQ community. She loves to work with organizations that focus on giving those who need a foundation to grow from - such as Stonewall Inn and the Happy Hippie Foundation, to name a few.

We all know that Lauren Jauregui has major hair game and she was so generous to give us a sneak peek into her hair routine! Surprise! She doesn't really do anything extra, aside from the occasional use of leave-in conditioner when she lived in Miami and organic products.

"I went through a phase where I didn't brush it and it was looking real messy!"

Next year, she plans on hitting the charts at #1! We can't wait to listen to her new music and see where it takes her! 

Watch the full episode of "The Launch" here:

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