Breakdancing at the 2024 Olympics


The Olympics in Tokyo are set for summer of 2020, but the Olympic committee is already looking forward to the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France. One out of the four new sports proposed for the 2024 Paris Olympics is Breakdancing.

Breakdancing was a sport in last year's Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Before it can be an official sport in the Olympics, the International Olympic Committee has to sign off on it. If passed, Breakdancing will be seen in the 2024 games and the other three sports will be a part of the 2020 Tokyo Games. The other games that may possibly be introduced are Baseball/Softball, Karate, and Squash.


Some well known Breakdancing celebrities and fans are excited to hear the news and have been sharing the image above to show support. All the B-Boys and B-Girls will now be able to represent their country if the sport is added. The Olympic Committee will reveal a list of additional sports on Thursday, February 21.

Photo Courtesy:Getty Images


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