Miley Cyrus Remembers Janice Freeman

Janice Freeman was in the top 11 on season 13 of "The Voice" and was under the mentorship of Miley Cyrus. She had shared that she had overcome lupus, cervical cancer and meningitis. Unfortunately she passed away on March 2nd after a complication with pneumonia and a blood clot traveling to her heart.


Miley Cyrus stayed close to her mentee even after "The Voice" and has been posting on instagram remembering her friend:

What makes me sick is we always wait till the best are gone to recognize them and truly tell them what their art meant to us. The hope their voice gave us .... the emotions they pulled from us. Janice you’re my star! I will never give up on you. Ever . I am no longer your coach , I never was ..... YOU constantly taught me.



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