Tessa Violet Talks Biggest Inspirations and Performs 'Bad Ideas'

On this episode of The Launch, we had the one and only Tessa Violet on!

To start the interview off, as always, we asked how she got started with singing and performing. She echoed a sentiment we'd heard from the question before and that is that, as far as she could remember, she'd always been singing. We've found that professional artists and musicians have a hard time pinpointing exactly when their talent started to show because they've often been born with musical talent. That being said, she started writing her own songs when she was 23.

When asked about her musical influences, she offered up the name of a band we hadn't heard from in some time.

"When I think of my influences, I can't not think of the band "Fun." What a special time in music."

She credits the band with expanding how she thought of what kind of music could play on the radio. She also really admires their method for writing music.

When asked about her Fun Fact, she said she absolutely must do one thing in particular every time she visits a new city. To find out what it is, plus hear her response to the rest of our questions, check out the interview below!

Then once you're done with the interview, check out her moving performance of "Bad Ideas" off of her new album of the same name in the video below that!

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