New Hope Club Talk About Influences, Collaborations, And World Tour

On this episode of The Launch, New Hope Club visits our station in San Francisco. They talk about growing up in a musical environment and when they started singing.

Music was in all of our families, I think all of our parents have a passion for music. They all love music so we grew up with it in the house, around the house.

It wasn't until about age 9 or 10 that they decided they wanted to pursue careers in music.

The Beatles, Catfish And The Bottlemen, Blossoms, and many other English bands are some of the artists that influence New Hope Club's music. They are also fans of Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran who they hope to collaborate with one day. While on tour, Delta Airlines broke their guitar, there was a big crack on the side of the guitar.

The first time New Hope Club performed on stage together they were very nervous, it was during a tour. They remember they were inside a dark room with no music and they were shaking just looking into each others eyes.

New Hope Club is currently on their world tour. They visited Asia and Europe and are now in North America playing various sold out shows. Check out their live performances to "Permission" and "Love Again" below!

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