BLACKPINK To Collab With Lady Gaga

UPDATE: Lady Gaga has confirmed the song and posted the tracklist to instagram!

Target made a big mistake and released Lady Gaga's track list this morning. Or did they do it on purpose? The rumors that BLACKPINK was featured in Lady Gaga's new album have been circling social media and getting fans excited for the collab.

BLINKS have been waiting years, literally, for new music from the group. This rumor has made fans hopeful this will be the year they finally get a comeback. So far, both Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK have not confirmed the song "Sour Candy". We will have to wait for their statements in the coming days.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment promised a BLACKPINK comeback this year(we all know how that goes...) it has since been delayed because of the virus.


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