Post Malone Was Cursed

Post Malone might be able to make a song about his curse!

The artist stated that after he made an appearance on the popular TV show "Ghost Hunters" in 2018, he had a run of bad luck.

Posty said that during the episode, the host touched a "Dybbuk box" and he was touching his shoulder when he did so it affected him too.

He said in an interview with Seth Meyers "After we opened up this creepy Dybbuk Box, I got in a car accident, I almost had a plane wreck, my house got broken into - all that type of stuff. Within a month's time. It was really, really odd stuff".

Do you believe in curses? Are you superstitious? Have you ever felt like you've been cursed and had a run of bad luck from it?

Photo: Getty Images

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