Zara Larsson Talks About Kissing On The First Date, Confidence & More

With Valentine's Day around the corner, Zara Larsson has no concrete plans but is pretty confident that her boo will pull through with something special! In this lovey dovey video, Zara Larsson tells Crystal all about her ideal first date!


Zara Larsson says she's totally a heel girl. She's been into heels ever since she was a little girl borrowing her grandmother's heels to go to the grocery store!

"I love to dress up. I love to make myself feel pretty. 'Cus you know when I walk down the street by myself or with my girlfriends and I feel like I look good, I feel that little extra boost of confidence. It might help you when you meet someone new."

She also prefers a little spritz of a strong, but not floral, scented perform to seal the deal.


Though Zara doesn't mind getting picked up, she prefers meeting her date on site.

"Even if I wanted to be on time, I wouldn't be on time. I don't know what it is.... I'm on my own time. I am trying so hard at every appointment I have, but I'm always like just a few minutes late. Like five minutes, maybe ten. I'm just not the type who's early. It's just not in me."


The date went well, he's bringing you home and goes in for the 'first date kiss!' Do you go for it?

"Yeah, if we have a vibe. Why not? My theory is this - sometimes girls are being told to like 'don't give yourself up. Don't be easy 'cus he won't be interested lalala.' The thing is girls are way more interesting than just a kiss. We are multidimensional, complex beings and you have so much more to offer than a kiss or whatever more you want to give. If you or I, whoever is in the situation, really wants to do it, then you do it! Do it for yourself 'cus that's what you want."

Is your ideal first date similar to Zara Larsson's?

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