Athletes Will Be Banned From Taking A Knee Or Protesting During Olympics

The International Olympic Committee said they will maintain their ban on protesting inside stadiums and will not allow athletes to take a knee or lift a fist in support of racial equality. According to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Rule 50, it forbids any "demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda in venues and any other Olympic area". Athletes from around the world have been in support of Black Lives Matter and the racial injustice movement. Players in European soccer leagues have previously taken knees and moments of silence for racial injustice.

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe, has said that athletes should have the right to protest during the Olympic games. On the other hand, Zimbabwe Olympic swimming champion Kirsty Coventry, said he wouldn't want something to distract from the competition and take away from it. According to Coventry, a consultation with over 3,500 athletes was done and about 70% of the athletes did not want protests on the podiums, ceremonies, or fields of play.

The Tokyo Olympics are set to start on July 23.


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