Catch a Break - Take a $25 Nap Here!

Naps are one of our favorite past times and we definitely know how it is when it gets a little warm in the office and you're in need of that second coffee to keep you up in the middle of your work day! Working nights, I for sure catch myself drifting off every now and then!

The Dreamery in NYC just opened up and is charging $25 for 45 minute naps in their fancy nap pods! Not only does this place have areas for you to take a break and get a little nap in, but they also have lockers, a cafe area, and get this... PAJAMAS, if you need them! The Dreamery encourages napping as a way to promote health and wellness, which I'm sure many other adults can agree with!

Would you try this out if they had one in the Bay??

Take a closer look here!


Photo by: Getty Images

Gabby Diaz

Gabby Diaz

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