Photos from Home on The JV Show!

Every week we bring you our photos from home. You decide who had the best. Take our poll below!

JV: Dropped my phone. As I was trying to grab it, a Toyota Tacoma backed it’s Truck Nuts Into my face. 

Selena: Friday night could not have been more perfect. I surprised Kianna and took her to her very first concert to see Camila Cabello!!

Graham: Spent the weekend in Chico checking on the progress of the house my Dad is currently building.  This is my Mom, Dad, brother, and me standing in front of the construction site.

Crystal: Here's us ladies at the Camila Cabello concert in Oakland, Rubi, Selena, her daughter Kianna up top, ant my two cousins but one is taking the picture Gabby and Chelita. 

The JV Show

The JV Show

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