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JV grew up in Fremont, California. When he was a junior in high school, attending Fremont High School, he fell in love with radio. His favorite radio station was KMEL. However, it wasn’t the music he cared about. He became a fan of the morning host John London. As he got closer to college, he became obsessed with the idea of one day hosting his own morning show in San Francisco. A little fun fact, it was his idol, John London, who gave JV the advice on how to break into the business.

By the age of 25, JV formed his own morning show called the Dog House that would eventually become the highest rated morning show in the history of San Francisco radio. JV is very thankful to still be doing what he loves. His current morning show called ‘The JV Show’ features a super fun mom, Selena, and a funny guy who once worked for the Dog House named Graham. Natasha also joined the crew, taking care of social media, blog content, creating digital content as well as talking on the 4th mic.

JV and Natasha own a production company together where they have written, produced and edited a short film, music videos and a YouTube series. They have also developed 2 shows for network television. When they are not creating content, they are playing with their two little, fluffy, white dogs, Dexter and Lenisee.



Selena's radio journey first started in Salinas, Ca, where she was born and raised. She graduated from high school at 17 years old and like many other teens, wasn't sure what path she wanted to take in life. A simple call to her local radio station ended up being life changing for Selena. She was given the opportunity to interview for an internship and she got it!

For eight months, Selena hustled on the promotions team for KDON-FM at iHeartMedia Monterey, and at the same time, spent countless hours learning everything she could about being an on-air personality. From learning to run a board, to doing talk breaks, traffic, commercials, and more, Selena was eager to learn it all. Soon, she was able to put all that knowledge to use when she was given her first on-air shifts doing Friday and Saturday nights on 102.5 KDON at just 18 years old. She knew this meant giving up time with her friends, but Selena would've sacrificed anything to climb her way up and get to where she wanted to be in radio. She learned a lot during that time of doing weekends and thought she had landed her dream job when she got her first full time on-air shift doing mid-days at 102.5 KDON but only a few months into doing that daypart, she got a DM that changed her life. 

That DM led to Selena meeting JV and they clicked instantly. A couple months later, Selena really landed her dream job and found herself moving to the Bay Area to join WiLD 94.9's morning show.

Selena says, "Yo yo yo! First of all, F my ex who said I was wasting my time when I got that internship at 17, IN YO FACE!! Second of all, thank you to everyone who wakes up and listens to The JV Show or podcasts it, YOU are the reason I'm able to live out my dream and am able to maintain my wine habit. Love ya!"



Graham was born and raised in Napa with a twin sister and older brother. Graham developed his love for radio hosting a show on campus at UC Santa Barbara. He got his start as an intern for the Bay’s #1 rated morning show – The Doghouse on Wild 94.9 in the early 2000s. Graham’s knack for pulling off outrageous stunts (e.g. rowing a bathtub across the south bay for charity) paid off and soon he was a full-fledged member of the show. 

Graham is now back on Wild 94.9 mornings as the On-Air Executive Producer of the JV Show. The years in between gave him the chance to graduate from college, travel, form a real estate company, bartend and improve his golf game. These days, when he is not on the air he can be found at his home in Marin (which he just finished completely renovating himself) which he shares with his wife Kate, their 2 year old boy named Ford, their golden retriever Hambone, and a baby girl about to arrive!

Photo: Theo & Juliet


As a young girl Natasha Yi dreamed of one day being one of the strong woman she saw on tv, on stage, in magazines or movies. At 16, she left home to pursue everything entertainment in Los Angeles. She quickly became a fixture on the cover and pages of major publications worldwide. Her face has been seen in a number of commercials and ad campaigns like Sony, Playstation, Pepsi, Marriott Hotels, Regis Hair, Target, McDonald’s…to name a few. She has also appeared in movies, including Speed Dating, Hell Ride, Thunder Over Reno, The Run Down, and Rush Hour 2. She made television cameos for Rules of Engagement, The Starter Wife, VIP, The Jimmy Kimmel Show and other programs. Natasha was the first Asian showcase model on The Price Is Right and The Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular. She was the host of Octane TV. You may have also seen Natasha animated in video games like SRS and 187 Ride or Die and playing characters in music videos for Panic at the Disco, Janelle Monae, The Urgency, Mariah Carey and others.

Natasha continues to work on film projects. She is also co-owner of a multi-media production company that produces incredible images, music videos, short films, commercials and her latest, a short-form online TV series featuring the hottest celebrities called “Between JV & Natasha Yi.’

Recently, Natasha joined iHeartMedia. She is a member of The JV Show on Wild949 and extended Ladies Room Podcast. She is also a producer and digital strategist for the show. 

Natasha’s combined social audience is well over 18 million followers.

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