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Graham Reports Live From The Masters

JV Show Plank Off

On today's 4-11-24 Thursday show: Jess and Chidi went to the Giants game, a woman breaks the worl record for the longest plank, we talk butt cleavage in the Ladies Room, Jason Derulo shows support to Diddy, Ice Spice is making her acting debut, OJ Simpson has passed away, we celebrate national pet day, Margot Robbie is making a Monopoly movie, Justin and Hailey Bieber are seperated, and so much more

Dan Might Be Chidi's New Man

On today's 4-10-24 Wednesday show: We talk about Ricky Martin's tent, we have another edition of cool or not where we find out that people listen to podcast on 2x speed, a 52 year old man was arrested for "tampering" with a car, Tori Spelling says she can't use the bathroom by herself, another edition of "What the Bleep", Jojo spends a ton of money on a procedure, Chidi tries "DAN" Chat GPT, TikTok is planning a new app, and so much more! 

Can you feed your cat?

On today's episode we talked about an Only Fans model that makes 10K a week, a mom that still showers with her 18 yr old daughter and more!

The Delulu Calculator

On today's 4-9-24 Tuesday show: we try the delulu calculator, the Cyber Trucks are having issues, a man ghosts his wife and kids and changes his identity, we have a solar eclipse recap, Ricky Martin had an incident at the Madonna show, we have an update on why Morgan Wallen threw the chairs, Jason Kelce might be the new WWE superstar, people are calling J.Cole "soft" for apologizing to Kendrick Lamar, Santa Clara is named as the capital city of Swifties, a lucky man keeps on winning the jackpot in Vegas, there is a new invention that the JV show is not a fan of, a mother and daughter duo were arrested for giving illegal butt injections, Gypsy Rose officially filed for divorce, and so much more! 

Jess Pulls A Karen

On today's 4-8-24 Monday show: Graham's shares a little about his weekend, we talk about Eclipse superstitions, there is a new bag trend for men, a man in Japan gets arrested for mooning, Jess thinks she might have pulled a "Karen" move, Morgan Wallen gets arrested for throwing chairs, another edition of "What the Bleep", the Barnicle Windshield boot might become a thing, John Cena has a huge bald spot that made a debut at Wrestle Mania, Disney Plus is crackign down on their password sharing, Selena almost gets scammed, a study that shares that Americans are losing a shocking number of friends, and so much more! 

Costco Dog Burp VS BART Fart

On today's 4-5-24 Friday show: A listener shoots their shot at another listener, another edition of Chidi's Tweets, inmates in a NY prison file a lawsuit to watch solar eclipse, Kelly Clarkson has bad breathe, a study indicates that coin flips are not exaclty 50/50, there is a huge money heist involving 30 million dollars, Italian mayor offers free goats, a porch pirate in a bag, Selena list some things that shouldn't go near a woman's area, Diddy's son is now facing a lawsuit, and so much more! 

Sac Town A's

On today's 4-4-24 Thursday show: a woman in Vallejo goes viral for her video of a smash and grab incident, people think a video of Chance The Rapper and another woman is the reason for his divorce, Rebel Wilson shares who she lost her V-Card to, Gypsy Rose shares why she filed for divorce from her soon to be ex husband, J-Lo changes the theme of her concert, the Oakland A's will be spending their new season in Sacramento until the Las Vegas statdium is done, Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce have been inquired about playing a role in a comedy action film, the new Joker film starring Lady Gaga is rated R, and so much more! 

The Nut Mobile

On today's 4-3-24 Wednesday show: A listeners shoot their shot, we dive into our cool or not list, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is selling some male products, we debate whether bar soap or bodywash is better, the solar eclipse is happening next week, we have an update if Taylor Swift will be attending the 'Kelce Jam', there is a rumor that Kylie Jenner might be pregnant, Kanye West is getting sued for Donda Academy, Lizzo retracts her statement on quitting music, and so much more! 

Leaning Tower Of Poosa

On today's episode we talked about a prank one of our listeners played on her clients, poo pics and more!