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Burn The Shirt

The JV Show Rap Debut

On today's 9-21-23 Thursday show: Jose from Napa is back shooting his shot at Jess, we try to deliver an AI rap, a woman catches her boyfriend at a hotel with another woman, Jason Kelce gives an update about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's relationship, Nicki Minaj's husband is now on house arrest after making threats to Offset, a woman on TikTok believes dinasours aren't real, a woman names her kid after a drug, Jess shares a review of 'American Horror Stories' as well as Kim K's performance, Jess and Graham place a bet, Sophie Turner is suing Joe Jonas and much more on this fun Thursday!

AI Doctor Diagnoses The JV Show

On today's 9-20-23 Wednesday show: Jess brings up more Halloween costume ideas, Selena's fiance wants to freestyle his vows, the sphere in Vegas is having robot powerded ushers to greet people, Ed Sheeran is recording live albums at fans houses, BTS member is joining the milirary, a mom is getting critized by how she hugged her son, a TikToker shares a McDonald's breakfast hack, Kim Kardashian is reportedly hanging out with a NFL player, and so much more!

Playing The Bongos

On today's episode we discussed the theatre footage of Lauren Boebert getting handsy with her date and Graham talks about a ticket he got back in college!

See You Later

On today's 9-18-23 Tuesday show: It's national talk like a pirate day, flight attendants are using "See you later" as a hidden message, a football fan pre-gamed a little too hard and was sent to the hospital, more updates come out regarding Russel Brand, Travis Kelce responds to the Taylor Swift jokes fromgame announcer, Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez both file for divorce at the same time, an instagram model gets kicked off a flight and cusses everyone out, a study shares that you should date a nerd because they have a lot of green flags, and so much more!

Selena's Wedding Is Unraveling

On today's 9-18-23 Monday show: Graham and Jess give their weekend recap, a woman who made herself blind speaks out, Drake gets backlash for using Halle Berry picture on cover art, MGM is still under a cyber attack in Vegas, Drew Barrymore decides to hold off on show, the Niners beat the Rams in yesterday's game, a woman pours out her brothers ashes in a pool full of people, Russel Brand has been exposed for some very serious allegations, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B's husbands go at it, all of Selena's wedding plans are starting to unravel and so much more!

Jess Performs On Bart

On today's 8-15-23 Friday show: Listeners continue to shoot their shot at the JV show, Jess shares something gross abouta halloween store, the 49ers are trolling the Rams, Graham shares some possum stories, NSYNC shares a new song, another edition of "Chidi's Tweets", Britney Spears apparently cheated on ex-husband, Jess gives an update on her quest on bart, high schoolers are now doordashing lunch, and so much more on this fun Friday!

Listeners Shoot Their Shot At The JV Show

On today's 9-14-23 Thurday show: Listeners continue to shoot their shot at Graham, a listener also shoots his shot at Jess and battles Jess's boyfriend, we discuss if women usually change their looks after a breakup, a husband leaves his wife at the airport, Elon Musk confirms that Amber Heard cosplayed Mercy to spice things up, Graham annoys us with a baby shark story, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce update on relationship status, Ed Sheeran concert is surpassing Talor Swift's at Levi Stadium, we discuss sleeping with socks on or off, and so much more!

Deep Bone...Bruise

On today's 9-13-23 Tuesday show: Graham has the kids on his own for the week, the podcast police turn on Chidi, Selena read articles about bridesmaids complaing about weddings, Selena Gomez gets called messy, Megan Thee Stallion and Justin Timberlake go viral for backstage clip, Fried Rice Syndrome is somthing you do not want to get, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were reported to be secretly hanging out, Saweetie butchers her teleprompter read at the VMAs, some listeners are fighting over Graham and so much more!!

Lunch Date and Smash

We share some first date experiences and a whole bunch of other random stuff leftover from the morning show!