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A Slotted Spoon

Brock's Balls

On today's 12-6-22 Tuesday Show: More details emerge surrounding the guy that fell overboard from a cruise ship and survived 20 hours in the water, people are paying 4 thousand dollars to go to a Northern California breakup boot camp, Niner players can't stop raving about Brock Purdy's balls, the Real ID requirement has been pushed back again, new Cosby accusers have come forward, GMA ratings have gone up since the host scandal, and a man was discovered alive inside a body bag after being pronounced dead hours earlier!

20 Sleeps Until Christmas!!

On today's 12-5-22 Monday show: Research shows that sloppily wrapping presents is actually better, Selena's man is thinking of going to Columbia for some dental work, a sideshow shut down the Bay Bridge over the weekend, the GMA host saga takes another dramatic turn, Cardi B says she made a million dollars in 35 minutes, Jimmy G is out for the rest of the season, and something really embarrassing might have happened to Putin. Plus tons more!

25 Thousand Minutes of Jack Harlow

On today's 12-2-22 Friday show: Chidi has listened to an insane amount of Jack Harlow music in 2022, the royal family was booed at a Boston Celtics game, a woman won the lottery the same day she gave birth to her daughter, our friend Chelsea hops on with us to talk about Santacon Hayward, an illusionist officially has the most viewed video ever on TikTok, a server says a man left his number for her on a receipt but didn't tip well, Kanye praises Hitler in an interview, and our favorite segment "Chidi's Tweets"!

Alien Statue on Mars

On today's 12-1-22 Thursday show: Someone thinks they spotted an ancient alien statue on Mars, J Lo says she would like to remake the movie Gigli, STD tracing is coming to dating apps, people are destroying their Balenciaga products, self checkout screens are loaded with bacteria, Airbnb is going to start letting renters rent out their apartments, a 10 month old overdosed on fentanyl at a SF park, and Monkeypox has officially been renamed. Plus so much more!

Christmas Bushes Instead of Trees?

On today's 11-30-22 Wednesday show: A time traveler on TikTok claims to already know the outcome of the World Cup, an actor in Black Panther says that his bulge was edited out of the movie, the guy who went viral for his wide neck has been arrested again, you can use your neck size to determine if pants will fit without trying them on, SFPD can now use robots armed with explosives, and Kim and Kanye's divorce is finally settled.

Double Cheek Push

On today's 11-29-22 Tuesday show: Graham shares a story about how a boat he was on in the Bay almost sunk, a guy was fired from his job for being too boring, Kanye is now comparing himself to MLK, a foot washed up on a Bay Area beach, a play by play announcer drops an epic line when a team scores an overtime game winner, Elon Musk shares a weird picture of his bedside table, Cyber Monday sales are projected to be massive, and so much more!

JV's Mom Thanksgiving Farts

JV's mom shares some Thanksgiving farts.

Do The Math!

On today's 11-28-22 Monday show: JV's mom did something pretty shocking at their Thanksgiving, a set of twins was born from embryos frozen for 30 years, a woman was upset after a cashier gave her a senior discount without asking her age, a chicken's earlobes determine what color eggs they will lay, the Bay Area is the worst in the nation for stolen packages, Drake gave DJ Khaled some toilets, Shawn Mendes is dating a 50 year old, and so much more!

Beans Is How

On today's 11-23-22 Wednesday show: Crying has become part of the new self care routine for Gen Z, there is a new plan to save the environment involving eating more beans, a friend of Selena comes on the air with us to discuss her daughter's inspiring fight with cancer, we debate whether it is cool to have assigned seating at Thanksgiving, Kanye apparently showed personal x-rated videos to staff at meetings, a couple got married to an auto parts store theme, and tons more Thanksgiving related fun!