Kylie Jenner Making Youtube Vlog About her Lip Injections!

When Kylie Jenner routinely had her lips done, it became part of her signature look. Now that she's stopped getting lip fillers, people aren't sure what to do with themselves and a lot of people have questions!

But don't worry, Kylie gets it and she's here to help. She recently announced that she is getting back into vlogging and she's currently working on vlog that details her journey with lip fillers. 

It's unclear when exactly we'll get the video. When asked about a timeline by a fan, Kylie replied that the vlog is a whole mess as she's super busy and is editing everything by herself - but she hopes it will come out soon.

What questions do you have about Kylie's lip fillers? It seems like no celebrity is rocking their natural look anymore, if you were a celeb, would you get anything done?

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