Ariana Grande Covers Up Pete Davidson Tattoo w/ Mac Miller One Instead

We knew Ariana had recently covered up Pete's initials on her finger with a black heart tattoo instead but now the singer has also covered up the foot tattoo of Pete's late father's FDNY badge number with one that says "Myron" instead. Myron originally was Mac Miller's dog who he had adopted while him and Ari were still together. Ariana had mentioned in April that the dog had been living with her (about a month before they split up). You can see in the behind the scenes video she mentions the Myron tattoo. 

In her actual song "Thank U, Next" she mentions all her exes and someone had commented about the burn book in Ariana Grande's new "Thank U, Next' video that has a page for each of them except Mac Miller. She replied that Mac Miller wasn't in the book but instead has his photo on the nightstand. However, those screenshots of the burn book in her video did reveal about her exes including that Pete has a "HUUUUUGE" ...what?! I don't think she's talking about his heart right? LOL She also writes that Sean "could still get it." 

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