Please keep your eye out everyone! A friend in our community needs our help! 🙏🏼

Hi JV Show,
I live in Arizona but I’m from the Bay. My family needs help with spreading the word out and trying to get media to pick up this story. My uncle has been missing since April 1st. He is a senior citizen that has a mental capacity of an 11-13 year old. He has a walker and walks with a significant limp. He is deaf and mute. He will have difficulty communicating if he needs help or is lost. He was last seen last Wed night wearing a camouflage hoodie and dark pants. 
Back in the 80s he was kidnapped but luckily was found. I’m hoping again that he will be found safe. Can you please put the flyer on your site to have people on the look out, especially in the Daly City area. Or if you can forward this info to other media outlets. It would greatly be appreciated. Thank you for your help!
Christine Cuesta